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Identifying hazards before they become incidents.

Combining a team of seasoned professionals with the latest in safety information technology, American Safety Consultants, LLC can help you identify, recognize – and remediate – potential safety hazards before they become incidents.

We use a systematic, proven approach to document our assessment and then select the management, administrative and/or engineered controls that best address job site hazards and at risk behaviors.

The resulting audit report not only explains our findings, but provides a clear path forward to help your business reduce injuries, worker compensation costs and general liability expenses to improve operating efficiency and profitability.

Web-Based Safety Audit System

This state-of-the-art web-based system makes collecting, analyzing and disseminating job site safety information – and taking action to correct potential hazards – faster and simpler than ever before.

A convenient hand-held device uses easy point-and-click technology that:

  • Enables the safety team to record safe and unsafe observations
  • Sends and synchronizes data and uploads it to the secure server
  • Provides management with immediate, detailed information on safety and risk parameters for appropriate action
  • Tracks progress on actionable items on weekly and/or monthly basis
  • Monitors safety programs and actions of contractors

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