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Accidents "just happen". Safety doesn’t.

They say, "accidents happen". We say, show us your environment and we’ll help you create a safety management program to help you prevent them.

We offer a comprehensive array of safety programs, as well as a dedicated, knowledgeable team of professionals ready to put them to work for your business. We’ve done it time and again for hundreds of clients, offering them customized programs and unparalleled expertise in the fields of:

  • Occupational Safety. We’ll help ensure your compliance with health and safety-related regulations, provide health and safety training, program assessments, hazardous materials evaluations, safety program audits and surveillances and field inspections for construction projects.
  • Industrial Hygiene. Our industrial hygienists develop, maintain and implement industrial hygiene and industrial safety program elements to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations to a number of clients, including federal agencies, and can do the same for you.
  • Hazard Assessment and Control. Experienced in recognition, identification and evaluation of hazards in the workplace, we use a systematic process to document this assessment and then select management, administrative and/or engineered controls to mitigate or eliminate worker exposure to the hazard.
  • Environmental Consulting Services. Our full range of services includes environmental assessments, spill response/assessment and indoor air quality surveys; agency compliance consulting, program development and implementation; hazardous substance surveys and quality assurance/quality control audits.
  • Emergency Preparedness. Our extensive experience with emergency management and emergency preparedness services makes our team qualified to determine exposure risks to workers, the environment and the public in the event of an emergency, in addition to developing response and mitigation plans, conducting drills and formulating facility and operations vulnerability assessments.
  • Environmental Health & Safety Management (EH&S). Our superior EH&S management oversight leverages the resources of a multi-level employee team – in our offices and in the field – resulting in a service plan designed to meet the specific needs of your project.
  • Risk Management. Through our parent company, Aon, we can work with your insurance carrier to coordinate or develop loss control services ensuring that your safety plan works with your insurance coverages.
  • Technology and Loss Control Services. Our web-based safety tracking system enables us to manage collected field data and synchronize it with your corporate information, streamlining the process and reducing your time-to-corrective-action.

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